Observe my fate, next fall into your dreams

Then say your worst, or have I none at all

My soul like me, not worthy of a name

Man is his own star and a soul that can be.

The matter at hand requires much thought

Creating worlds and universes to accommodate mine

The spectrum of my mind, the vastness of my soul

Given to a static block shape of matter. Concern.

The canvas of our lives, the pressure to fill

That every surface be covered, with splashes of our youth

The dull brightness of ignorant bliss, unfurls

A child spreads but patches upon the blank surface.

With fire and ice, firm and gentle, bold and soft

We paint our teens and adolescence,  cause yes we can

Some are vibrant, others are dull, youthful still

Each and everyone, we paint our own mess.

Until we’re out of colour, till the pencil has all but gone

The last vestiges of power to add the perfect touch

That what was once plain becomes a masterpiece

Man is his own star and this soul will definitely be.


Have You Ever?

Have you ever tried to think of time?

The infinite space of the universe.

Have you ever tried to think of life?

The miracle of birth, the gift of death.

Have you ever tried to think of love?

The beauty of having a heart, and someone having yours.

Have you ever tried to think of family?

The flesh of your flesh; the blood of your blood.

Have you ever tried to think of friends?

The basic instinct to listen, and be heard by others.

Have you ever tried to think of colour?

Vibrancy bringing things to life.

Have you ever tried to think of music?

The sounds that stir your soul and move your spirit.

Have you ever tried to think of food?

Giving orgasms to your mouth and sating your belly.

Have you ever tried to think of passion?

The fuel to the engine of desire.

Have you ever tried to think of happiness?

It’s euphoria, it flows over the cup of mirth and joy.

Have you ever tried to think of peace?

The still quiet that you float in, pressure and worry gone.

Have you ever tried to think of time?

It’s here, you live, you blink, it’s gone.


Do You See Me?

Once in a lifetime you get this moment, in which you can change everything.
Everything that has happened, everything that you are and everything you will feel.
It all seems very blurry now, like a wet transparent nylon wrap or a misted window frame.
I don’t remember that chance leaving, the time I had to change everything. It’s completely ridiculous really. I mean who doesn’t remember a profound moment of their lives where they get to freeze frame and destroy the past.
I feel cold. Emotionless, devoid of warmth, feeling, thought. All I know, all I see is this place. I’m trapped in my own space.
My mind, like an ever changing labyrinth forming new thought paths and junctions.
If I had a map for it, maybe I wouldn’t be so lost.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Sometimes, these feelings drown me out, leave me gasping for breath.
The vastness of my utter loneliness, the equivocality of my existence
Why sometimes I just wish I could blow it all away, like clouds on the whispers of the wind.
But then I consider… what do I consider?
I am supposed to consider something, am I not?
I just can’t seem to find it, what I am supposed to consider, so as not to drift away like the scent of the rose.
I guess if I can’t find a reason to stay, I might as well go.
I can’t go back to where the sun don’t shine, no, I must go forward
To where the sun burns out, to where it heats up your heart and soul from within.
I should go, I can go, I must go, I will go.
I am going.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
I wonder, even though I’m not supposed to.
Who will notice? When I’m gone, who will notice?
Will you? Will he? She used to sell me cookies at the dorm, will she?
I’m not doing this so I will be finally noticed. I am not doing this so your eyes will finally stop glazing over me and look for once.
I do this, I am doing this because……….
Because I ……
I ……..


It’s like a wall, a solid steel and stone barricade.
Unbreakable and unbeatable.
It surrounds and suffocates me.
I struggle, push, scratch, punch.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

I alone own all pain, all bruises.
The wall smirks at me, mocking my weakness; my inability to scale this hurdle.
I stumble every time I try.
This ring of mortar becomes smaller with every move I make.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Voices echo around my head and scream at me.
My inefficiencies, failures and mistakes sing to me.
They drown me, choke my air,
Strip my flesh; leave me bleeding and bare.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Take me away from here, to a place where they can no longer wail at me.
Where their cries can’t cause my ears to bleed.
Give me reprieve, a soothing balm.
Something or anything, to chase this away.

My Lady Riding The Crescent Waves

Passion flashed in her eyes like the starry nights of Valhalla
Her voice, a siren’s call, her lips, the blood red of a bleeding rose
Her gait is as enticing as the dance of the Swan Lake
She calls to me like death calls to a man with little left to live for
She’s is my mirage because I am not sure she’s here
I can’t believe she’s all mine to have, to hold
Sometimes, I wake up expecting her to be gone like the wind, but there she is
By my side, her hands fit in mine like a glove
If I were to choose again, I would……
No, I couldn’t, because she chose me
She found me at my lowest, a man on a dark path with a bleak future
She crashed into me with her illuminant, chasing the shadows away
My heart threatens to float away when I see her. She’s my sunrise.
My sky after a heavy storm, my first glimpse of a rose flower opening in the morning
She’s my first taste of plantain, she’s the feeling I get when I watch the rain come down through the windows with a cup of coffee and a good book.
She’s a lot of these things and more. If I continue; even she would fall asleep reading this.
Sometimes she’s that feeling that I just can’t describe, no matter how hard I try to, and words aren’t enough.
I have to stop this now for the fear that I will continue and die here because I can’t stop talking about her.
She’s beautiful, she’s a kaleidoscope, and she’s mine

We Are The New Age Creatives

Everybody is too busy trying to act wise
To fit in, to look cool, and to act sophisticated
Girls are forced to be graceful, sit, talk, make hand motions

All the things that are supposed to make them attractive
The boys are made to morph into a version of themselves that they aren’t
Keep up airs; compressed and reshaped to a figure of balanced gentility and masculinity
The right mix of candidness and ambiguity, enough to draw attention.

Who defines who we are?
We are creatures of freedom bound by the addictive chains of “follow the leader”
This is what we are left with.
The demolition of a supreme race, the slow erosion of powerful minds
The super beings of our generation reduced to slaves, thoughtless.
Their ever simpleton minds left with no more than a command.

This is why we cry, why we sing this song
Our roar must be heard
Splash the world with colours and paint your thoughts on every block
We decide!
We choose what is and what is not
We make and break the barriers
The repercussions of our actions are ours alone to choose.
We are the lost souls redeemed
To burn this world with ingenuity
We are the New Age Creatives!
We are our fire!

Unrequited Love

It’s not like I can’t see it, I mean it is right there in my face. I’m trying so hard to ignore it but it won’t go away.

It feels like death now; a slow absence of feeling and thought. It crawls slowly throughout me, like an early worm seeking what to feed upon.

It’s been this way for a while now; you living, me dying everyday. I don’t know what it will take for you to see me. I don’t know what to do to make you not go away.

You laugh and light up my world. You laugh with her and my sky rains ashes. You knew how I felt, you knew what I wanted. Yet you let me imagine wings to fly, only to make me Icarus with a smile.

I know now that it was never meant to be, not from your end at least. I still remain here, your forever diadem. Waiting for my king to come and give me meaning again.